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Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

The Fauna Catcher provides an experienced team of Fauna Spotter Catchers servicing southeast Queensland and beyond. 


Services include pre-clearance surveys, Fauna Spotter Catchers during works, professional and timely pre- and post-clearance reports, drone photography, organising purchase and installation of nest boxes, and more! 


With extensive experience across a diverse range of projects, including management of fauna during vegetation clearing, grass slashing, dewatering of lakes, creeks and dams, excavation, soil stripping, demolition, bridge maintenance, and culvert maintenance, our team is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for both your project and the environment.

Based in the northern Sunshine Coast hinterland, The Fauna Catcher team works regularly across the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Gympie, Moreton Bay, Fraser Coast, and Wide Bay Burnett regions, and will happily travel further afield.

Pre-Clearance Surveys

The Fauna Catcher can assess your project area for resident fauna and habitat prior to any clearing taking place. Pre-clearance surveys may involve:

  • Identifying and marking habitat that may contain wildlife, such as hollow trees, nests, logs, and termite mounds;

  • Destructive searches to safely find and relocate resident wildlife before clearing;

  • Identifying and marking any flora of significance;

  • Conducting nocturnal surveys and/or trapping to detect the presence of nocturnal wildlife;

  • Providing practical advice to assist with regulatory compliance and animal welfare considerations, particularly with regard to nesting/breeding animals, and EVNT (Endangered, Vulnerable, and Near Threatened) species;

  • Taking fauna, habitat, and site photos for reporting, including aerial shots (when requested);

  • Providing professional, detailed, and timely pre-clearance reports.

Fauna Spotter Catchers

Our team of Fauna Spotter Catchers can monitor and assist on any project where wildlife may be impacted, including vegetation removal, tree clearing, grass slashing, dewatering of lakes, creeks and dams, excavation, soil stripping, demolition, and infrastructure maintenance works.


The Fauna Catcher will work closely with your team to minimise the impact of clearing and construction works on wildlife, and to ensure the timely completion of your project. Fauna Spotter Catcher activities during works may include:

  • Conducting daily pre-clearance checks of the project site to identify fauna and habitat features;

  • Inspecting habitat features with an EWP or drone where appropriate;

  • Providing advice and education to workers regarding safe interaction with and management of native fauna and habitat that may be present on a work site;

  • Identifying, capturing, and relocating all native fauna during works, including bats and venomous snakes;

  • Assessing injured animals and carrying out first aid, transport to a vet or carer, or humane euthanasia;

  • Engaging experts to assist with management or relocation of specialist species when required;

  • Recording field data (fauna captures and marked habitat features) via a cloud-based mobile app;

  • Ensuring compliance with government legislation and with site-specific requirements for fauna management as laid out in relevant Species Management Programs (SMPs), Fauna Management Plans, and environmental assessments;

  • Participating in toolboxes, safety briefings, and other meetings with site crews;

  • Maintaining constant communication with plant equipment operators via UHF during works;

  • Informing relevant environmental advisers if EVNT (Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened) species are located during works;

  • Taking fauna, habitat, and site photos for reporting, including drone shots (when requested).

Our team is committed to a safe and healthy workplace. All TFC staff hold a current Construction Industry White Card, are appropriately qualified and experienced for their role, and adhere to safe work practices on every job.

Nest Boxes

Many Australian birds and mammals rely on old-growth tree hollows for nesting. The Fauna Catcher can organise purchase and installation of high-quality, Australian-made nest boxes before, during, or after your project, to offset the loss of any hollows and provide additional nesting options for resident fauna.

Data and Reporting

The Fauna Catcher offers professional, detailed and timely reports for pre-clearing and post-clearing. Standard reports include:

  • A summary of work undertaken;

  • Overview of habitat on the site, including any significant flora;

  • Detailed breakdowns of habitat features and fauna located during pre-clearing and clearing;

  • Site photographs, including relocated fauna, habitat features, significant flora, and aerial site shots;

  • Animal Breeding Place Register (if required under a SMP).

In addition, The Fauna Catcher submits a quarterly report of all fauna interactions to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, contributing to the pool of information that underpins conservation policies, programs and management across the state.

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