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Pre-clearance surveys

The Fauna Catcher can assess your project area for resident fauna and habitat prior to any clearing taking place. Pre-clearing surveys may involve:

  • Identifying and marking habitat such as hollow trees, nests, logs, and termite mounds;

  • Destructive searches to safely find and relocate existing wildlife;

  • Identifying and marking any flora of significance.

Fauna spotting/catching during clearing and construction

The Fauna Catcher will work closely with your team to minimise the impact of clearing and construction works on wildlife, and to ensure the timely completion of your project. Tasks during clearing and construction may include:

  • Identification, capture, treatment, and relocation of all native fauna, including bats and venomous snakes;

  • Participation in toolboxes with site crews;

  • Maintaining constant communication with plant equipment operators via UHF during clearing activities;

  • Informing environmental advisers if EVNT (Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened) species are located during works;

  • Providing advice and education to workers regarding safe interaction with and management of native fauna, particularly bats and venomous snakes.


The Fauna Catcher offers professional, detailed and timely reports for pre-clearing and post-clearing. Reports include:

  • A summary of work undertaken;

  • Overview of habitat on the site, including any significant flora;

  • Detailed breakdowns of habitat features and fauna located during pre-clearing and clearing;

  • Site photographs, including relocated fauna, habitat features, significant flora, and aerial site shots.


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